Friday, February 7, 2014

Jessica's Birthday

On January 4th, Jessica celebrated her, um, thirty-something birthday. On her actual day, we did some shopping, bought her some new sunglasses, and prepared for the official celebration. Due to the holiday and the fact that the majority of our friends were still away, we opted to have Jessica's party the following weekend, after everyone had returned back to Abu Dhabi. Twenty-five of our closest came over to celebrate with copious amounts of adult beverages and a massive buffet of traditional Arabic food from Lebanese Flower. Jessica made our signature drink, Bourbon Slushes, from a special bottle of Templeton Rye whiskey made in Brian's home state of Iowa. The piste de resistance was the desert. We bought 52 red velvet cupcakes, three serving platters, and a bouquet of flowers and arranged them into a gorgeous cupcake tree. Pretty creative if we do say so ourselves.

Although not ready for collection on her actual birthday, Brian surprised her with a new car. It was just recently delivered and she's now able to enjoy the full extent of her birthday present. #spoiledrotten


Knowing our friends' generosity all too well, Jessica requested that no one buy her any presents for her birthday, but instead encouraged them to participate in our charity raffle at the party. We donated a bottle of champagne and two day passes to the Monte Carlo Beach Club and held a raffle to benefit two of Jessica's favorite charities. We sold 75 raffle tickets and raised 1,500 AED ($408.42) amongst our friends that night. We told you they were a generous group. Greg won the passes and champagne, but since he's a member of the Beach Club, offered them up for a second drawing, wherein the passes were won by Marge.

The money raised at the party went to two very good causes. Sandy Paws is a charitable organization here in Abu Dhabi that cares for, fosters, and provides adoption services for stray cats and dogs. It's run by our friend Jackie who puts her heart and sole into the organization. LuLu Cats is an initiative headed up by our friend Susan to provide food for the nearly 50 stray cats trapped on LuLu Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. These poor cats have no means for food and would starve if it weren't for Susan's efforts. Every couple of months she purchases dozens of bags of cat food and hires a boat to deliver them out to the island. Out on the island, Susan has befriended the maintenance and security staff and pays the guys to put food out for the cats daily. An article about her efforts was published last April by 7 Days Abu Dhabi. The photos below show all the food that was purchased with our raffle donation, as well as, the guys that feed the cats.

Thank you to all our friends for making this an extra special birthday for Jessica and for helping provide for all the homeless animals in need of our care.