Saturday, April 26, 2014

Porsche Driving Experience on the Yas Marina F1 Circuit

I've graduated to an Intermediate Level driver with the Porsche Club's Porsche Driving Experience! On March 7, I did my second drive on the Yas Marina Circuit Formula One track here in Abu Dhabi. It's a very well organized non-race with the lead car controlling the 3 car pack's speed. With each lap, the car behind the lead drops pack into 4th position to give everyone an opportunity to try to keep up with the leader. The drive consists of two, 1 hour sessions on the track. There's an hour of down time in between to let the more experienced drivers use the track without us beginners getting in the way. As an Intermediate driver, my next race will have the speeds increased dramatically and a helmet will become mandatory.

I recently purchased the RaceLogic in-car video camera and data recording system. I probably should have read the instructions before using it for the first time. The GPS signal was weak and I lose locational abilities on several parts of the track, probably because I mounted the antennae incorrectly. And next time, I'll mount the microphone so it doesn't slide around and make the annoying noises you hear as I enter the corners. The system allows for customization of the screen, so there's yet another something for me to work on before next time.

Good fun comes at a price. My tires and brakes weren't in great condition before the drive and now, they're completely shot. Need to spend some time getting the car in shape for the next race.



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We're all over social media and we want you to follow us. We're fairly active on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. Not so much on Google+ or Facebook (except our own personal Facebook pages). We also have an active Facebook page for One Life Home Decor, which is accessible from the website!/pages/One-Life-One-Adventure/271884972963617

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Life Home Decor

We've launched a small boutique specializing in bespoke furniture and home accessories. Abu Dhabi has a strong IKEA culture and we just couldn't stand it anymore. Everyone's home looks the same and lacks any sense of uniqueness. The market for one of a kind pieces simply does not exist here and we decided to fill the gap by blending Jessica's passion for decorating and Brian's business acumen.

We're starting small and focusing on re-finishing antique or elegant furniture that is in need of a new life. In addition, we've created an entire pillow line, sourced antiques from around the world, and had everything shipped into Abu Dhabi. The plan was to start with just a few pieces to test the waters, but in true fashion, we went all the way and developed a collection of nearly 40 items. To date we've sold quite a bit of product and are now in the process of adding even more items to the store.

Check out our website at A permanent link is on the front page of this blog. Just click on the image of our Stark Red Accent Chair to be redirected to the One Life Home Decor website.

Here are some photos of a few of our favorite products.



Monday, April 21, 2014

Beyond - Memoirs In Time Lapse

A great new video from Beno Saradzic showcasing Abu Dhabi and Dubai.