Saturday, April 17, 2010

Closing one life to start a new in under 4 weeks

In the 4 weeks since we signed the job offer and made the decision to move half way around the world to Abu Dhabi, UAE, we have been very busy closing down one life to begin another. Here's a condensed down version of what we've done to prepare for the big move.

1. We got married.
2. Drove to Ankeny, IA for Easter weekend.
3. Sold 3 cars... Land Rover, Porsche, BMW.
4. Signed a sales contract for our Union Hill property.
5. Re-signed a lease and signed a sub-lease for our 909 Walnut property.
6. Jessica sold a client a condo and leased a client an apartment.
7. Brian signed 3 new contracts for Development Initiatives.
8. Closed down our businesses with Development Initiatives and Chartwell Realty.
9. Resigned from 4 non-profit Board of Directors.
10. Hosted a fundraiser for the American Planning Association.
11. Attended 2 Bon Voyage parties...and said good bye to 350 of our closest friends and family.
12. Arranged for door to door relocation for our pets.
13. Put our home condo on the market and prepared the Team for marketing and house sitting.
14. Arranged for automatic payment of bills, canceled accounts, forwarded mail, and set-up paperless statements.
15. Researched and prepared for our arrival in our new home City.

In short, we've been extremely busy and have to pay special thanks to those family and friends that have loved and supported us during this time.


  1. Just now getting caught up on the whole story! WOW! What an amazing journey! I hope you are deserve it!

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