Monday, May 10, 2010

Three Weeks In

It's been just over 3 weeks since we landed in the desert. As busy as we were to get over here, we've been just as busy trying to get settled into our new lives. One of our biggest accomplishments was finding a home. Here's a photo of the new place.

No, the whole place isn't ours. It's actually an apartment building, but unique in that the four ground floor units have private backyards, each with their own swimming pools. We are fortunate enough to have gotten one of the ground floor units and are extatic about having our own pool. Our dog Zoe is especially going to love the pool. She loves to swim. We move in on June 1 and the pets make the big trip over shortly thereafter.


  1. Which room is mine?

  2. Actually one the very left side of the villa there is a wooden the left of that door there window! That would be your room.


  3. the digs. I'm not sure why we haven't been checking this site. I e-mailed this morning just to see if you have changed your address.
    Did you find a car? I would think you could find used Toyota always see alot of men waving guns riding in Toyota pickups. Should be some used/shot-up ones around.
    House looks beautiful. Keep the animals out of the pool (I'm sure there are rules about that...clogging of the filters, etc.).
    Love you guys..when are you coming home? Need to make plans to fly into DC for the upcoming wedding. Guess LA has contacted you.
    See you.
    grand master t.

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