Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sri Lanka

Earlier this year we had to say good bye (albeit only temporarily) to our friends Steven and Sally. Steven got a new job working in Colombo, Sri Lanka and left Abu Dhabi for "greener pastures." It was sad to see such close friends leave, but as we are expats, we understand that it's the nature of our lives. Friends come and friends go, more so when they're expats. But seeing as how we could not simply let them move on without checking in on them, we took a few days off of work on April 27 and joined them for a long weekend in Colombo. Once in Colombo, we took a quick tour around all their new favorite spots, then boarded a sea plane for a quick flight to the interior of the country to the City of Kandy. In Kandy, we went to the Elephant Orphanage, Temple of the Tooth, stayed at the beautiful Villa de Rosa, went golfing at the Victoria Falls Golf Course, and did a little shopping for some of Sri Lanka's finest handmade leather goods, wooden masks, and furniture. Sri Lanka is a country that struggles to adapat to the modern world, but one that time has seemed to pass by. It's always great visiting new and different countries, and even better in the company of close of friends.

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