Thursday, November 15, 2012

Four Days of Fun

We took a long weekend beginning September 14 to rest from all the craziness of moving and getting settled over the past 4 months.  For the record, this was our 2nd move this year, the first being out of our KC condo in March and the second out of our Abu Dhabi villa in May. Moving sucks and won't be done again for a long time.

We started the weekend off by having dinner on Thursday night at Hakisan at Emirates Palace, followed by a stop at the Palace bakery for a late night treat.

On Friday we spent the entire day at the Monte Carlo Beach Club. We were literally there the entire day. In the morning, we had a pilates lesson on the beach, followed by breakfast at Le Deck. After breakfast, we retired to our cabana and spent the afternoon swimming, sleeping, and reading. At 4 PM we headed into the spa for a massage, a shower, and then headed off to dinner at Le Deck. Didn't leave the Club until around 10 PM. Not sure if we over relaxed or over drank, but we both felt exhausted by the end of the day.

On Saturday morning we left Abu Dhabi and drove to Ras Al Kamaiah (one of the UAE's northern emirates) and spent the next 2 nights at the Banyan Tree Resort and Spa.

One of the coolest features of the resort is the Rainforest Experience at the spa. It kind of reminded us an automatic car wash. There were two dozen "water stations" that you walked between, each having a different temperature, pressure, and pressure. The grotto like pool at the finish had all sorts of jets, waterfalls, and massaging areas. Unlike a car wash, nobody dried us off at the end :>(

On Monday afternoon we drove to Dubai and did a little shopping. Jessica got a new pair of Nike Cross trainers. They're just shoes, but she was way excited about getting a new pair.

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