Friday, April 5, 2013

The Big 40

Brian jumped Over the Hill on March 18, but is gaining momentum on the downward slide. Life is just too precious not to celebrate this milestone with fervor and delight. We have such an amazing life and are so fortunate to to be on this adventure together. Afterall, you only get One Life and One Adventure. Cheers to the next 40!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from all my family and friends across the world. And a special thanks to the most amazing wife ever for the beautiful watch. I'll treasure it forever, just like our love.  Brian


  1. Did you go with the Submariner?

  2. Happy Belated birthday Brian! It looks/sounds as if it was amazing. I love the blog, pictures, and knowing you both are just loving life and each other. Love you both and miss you like crazy. Love, Lisa & Bryan