Friday, June 20, 2014

Al Hadeel at Al Raha Beach

We recently bought an apartment at the new Al Hadeel building in Al Raha Beach. It's just a small studio, but it's in a cool building, has sea views, and is located on the corner of two canals. Aldar launched the off plan sales of the units on Saturday, May 17 and by the end of the day, all 239 units were sold. The doors opened at 8 AM and sales began at 9 AM. At 11 PM the night before, people started waiting in line and by morning, over 400 people were in line.

Brian got in line at 3 AM and was the sixth person in line. It was a long 6 hours of waiting, but at 9 AM, we were the first sale of the day and we got the unit we wanted. Now all we have to do is wait 3 years for it to get built. As for now, it's just a hole in the ground, but we'll post construction updates and photos once construction begins later this year.


  1. The building is pretty awesome and having a view of the sea is always awesome plus you can literally walk out of the apartment on to the beach. Would love to live some where like this.

  2. Incredible Building it is.......... Beautiful View of Beach...... I like your post and images........