Saturday, November 16, 2013

Barcelona, Spain

This was our first time in Barcelona and all we can say is wow! It's such a beautiful city. Amazing architecture, great urban design, beautiful courtyards, and countless alleys lined with shops. Jessica's Lonely Planet book came out and she had us running all over the city to see the best that it has to offer. She was even successful in getting Brian on one of those double decker, open air tourist buses, which until now, he's been reluctant to get on for fear of looking like a tourist. Deep down, he really enjoyed seeing Barcelona by bus on our first day.

Some of our highlights: the Mies van der Rohe pavillion, the Antoni Gaudi buildings, the Sagrada Familia church, and the pedestrian promenade along the coast.

We even managed to do some things organically that weren't listed in Jessica's Lonely Planet book (gasp). While walking around, we stumbled upon a wine tasting event that was taking place in one of the many public squares. The price was reasonable and what better chance to taste some local Spanish wine. And the notion of drinking in public has become foreign to us and we simply couldn't refuse the opportunity.

A little factoid about us that you may not know is that whenever we travel, we try to find a single piece of art that symbolizes the city, country, or culture of the place we're visiting. It's a fun task to undertake and adds a unique memory of our travels to our home. The pieces don't necessarily need to be expensive or rare, but they do have to be unique and original. On this trip, we came across a small art collective set up in a public square. We found one artist's work that caught our eye and picked out the piece that would symbolize our trip to Barcelona.

After 4 days in Barcelona and a total of 10 days of travel, we were exhausted and ready for a relaxing holiday on the beach. Hmmm, where should we go next...

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