Saturday, November 16, 2013

Montpellier, France

From Paris we took the train down to Montpellier on the southern Mediterranean coast. Brian loves travelling by train and who doesn't love the convenience, comfort, and of course, the cost. It's so cheap to travel by train in Europe and everything works so efficiently.

We arrived in Montpellier and rented the smallest car on the planet and without a map or GPS or data download capabilities on our phones, we drove around the city trying to find our hotel. Whoever planned this part of our journey needs a travel refresher course. Maps are priceless. Anyway, we eventually found our hotel and well, to put it mildly, it was basic. We stayed three nights and it served its purpose. Afterall, coming to Montpellier wasn't necessarily about comfort, relaxation, or even touristy endeavors. We were here to investigate the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France as a potential locale to purchase a vacation home. According to our research, it ticked all of our boxes. Beaches, mountains, vineyards, big and small cities, beautiful countryside, etc. The reality is that after 3 days of driving to Carcassone, Narbonne, through the countryside, and up and down the Mediterranean coast, we realized that this wasn't the place for us. Not that there's anything wrong with Montpellier and the surrounds, it's just not what we're looking for. Alas, that's what this leg of the journey was all about and we considered it a successful few days because now we know to start looking elsewhere in France. We've already found the next region that we want to explore. Hint: it came to us one night while sharing a really nice bottle of Bordeaux wine. Stay tuned.

Another train and another city. We're off to Barcelona, Spain.

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